White Obsession

White Obsession

The obsession with white interiors continues. Not only does white provide the best background to showcase personal style, but it also always manages to freshen up and modernise any space. It adds a simple, spacious feeling to every room.

White does not mean safe or boring, there are hundreds of shades, you can use layers, textures, shapes, and tones to create different looks. White works with all colours so you can use colours and textures with artwork and soft furnishings to create the ultimate space.

If are hoping to create a cohesive all-white look, from floor to ceiling to furniture, you will need to add texture and shape to add depth and to keep things from feeling too clinical. Natural textures such as rattan, linen, cotton and wool have their own unique shades and weights which complement each other.

The floor to ceiling look in white is hugely effective to create what you are looking for but it is not the only way to use whites. You do not have to settle for just one shade or finish, combine different whites, and matte or gloss finishes, to get a three-dimensional look, it’s best to make sure they are all either warm or cool tones. Find one element to tie the shades together, such as a cushion or artwork that combines two or more whites and aim for a number of repetitions of the shades throughout the house.

Shaggy rugs, rattan flooring or sheepskins and cushions can be used on flooring or seating to add texture. A variety of shapes will also keep things interesting, so add a curved piece of furniture or an organically shaped rug.

Using white paint on surfaces, such as bricks, textured wallpaper or floorboards, can have a similar effect.

Lighting is also key to using whites effectively. The attraction of a white interior is that it highlights the chemistry of light in a room as well as the building’s natural features. It is important to understand the amount of natural and artificial light before picking your white.

If all-white is not your style, you can still make the most of the shade’s minimal feel by using white as a base. This allows colourful artworks and statement furniture to pop.

According to Gardner Interior specialist cool whites, such as Dulux Vivid and Dulux Lexicon, make a space appear larger. They work well in rooms with lots of natural light, and suit contemporary, minimal furnishings and colours with similar cool undertones. Warmer whites, such as Unique USA and Whisper White, make a room feel smaller, sunnier, and cosier. These have brown, yellow or red undertones which pair well with golden or red-toned floorboards and cream or sandy carpet.