Kitchen, Bathroom and Joinery Design

Kitchen, Bathroom and Joinery Design

Beauty and functionality at the heart of your home

Often the most expensive areas in your home — your kitchen and bathrooms— can feel like the trickiest spaces to get right. Both are high-traffic, functional areas, so the value of well-considered design in these spaces can’t be overstated.

Choosing your layout, along with materials, colours and finishes can quickly become overwhelming – especially when you’re trying to design rooms that will last for years to come. The experienced team at Gardner is here to help. We can transform your kitchen and bathrooms, following our proven method that blends contemporary design with timeless elegance.

Our kitchen, bathroom and joinery design service is a fantastic option for those who want to focus on design for these crucial areas, but don’t require a full interior design package. When you’re completing a renovation, it can be challenging to visualise how the finished product is going to look in your existing space. With our kitchen or bathroom designs, you’re able to see your finished space using our 3D software, and take your completed and certified plan to your chosen builder, who will have everything they need to get started.

Bespoke solutions for every space

At Gardner, we design custom joinery solutions for kitchens, bathrooms and individual spaces.

As both a functional and decorative feature in your home, well-considered joinery can reinforce your interior design concept, make a statement and provide the finishing touches on your home design. From kitchen doors to wardrobes and timber window frames, our team will work with you to determine what you need from your space, and how our joinery solutions can make that happen.

As a team with over a decade of experience in the building design industry, we have built strong, ongoing relationships with trade specialists. This allows us to provide exemplary service, and design, manufacture and install only the best top-quality products.


Designing and preparing to build a home is a momentous time, filled with challenges and excitement. When you work with Gardner Design and Drafting, you’ll be completely supported by our team, who will work closely across all areas to ensure your customized drafting design complies with all local council and development controls.


Our accredited team members will conduct a full site measure and start the planning process for your work, including conducting council research and understanding any related guidelines. Using this information, the draftsperson will begin the design process and will provide you with multiple design options, all personalized to your specifications.


You’ll then have the opportunity to do your 3D walkthrough using our visualization tool. You’ll have full access to the file, so you can do multiple walkthroughs to ensure you’re comfortable with the design.


When you’re happy, we’ll move to the council submission stage, where we provide all the necessary architectural drafting services to support your application. Following council approval, we’ll equip you with all the certified documentation and reports, ready for your builder to get started.


While the legal nature of our documentation and reports means they can be quite extensive and detailed, at Gardner, we value honesty and transparency, so any communication you receive from us will always be clear and easy to read.

They listened to all our ideas and quickly developed a great final design that we absolutely loved
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The team was very creative and helpful and offered practical advice to help us get what we wanted and our DA drafted.
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Gardner is amazing when it comes to design. Gardner completely transformed our house with the layout and made our house functional again.
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