The Rise in Staircase Statements

The Rise in Staircase Statements

Australians love affair with open-plan living has turned the boring staircase into a statement piece once again.

Staircases are no longer just a functional feature; they are integral our homes design. As we knock down walls to open up rooms, our staircases are on view from all angles. They are the spine of our homes, and more of us want them to be timeless and unique.We now have an opportunity to use them as a statement in the home, interior designers and architects are experimenting to create individual pieces and finishes to create a feature.

Staircase trends, just like any other trend, are always changing.  The innovation in building materials and methodology is one of the main factors contributing to the changing trends in staircase design.From the conventional timber-framed staircase, to the fully frameless, perforated metal, curved plaster, floating and spiral.

The staircase impacts how the entire home feelsand how it provides a natural flow through the home so lighting is important. Even better if you can feature natural light with windows.

There are a variety of options for getting you to the next level. Each style delivers patterns and shapes that can visually elevate the look and feel of your home.

L shape or Quarter turn stairs offer the simplest solution with a sense of privacy to maximise space constraints.

Floating stairs are straight flights. To meet regulations in Australia a solid glass balustrade and a wall hung handrail might be one way to achieve the floating effect.

Spiral staircases literally pivot around a centre-pole. They add an attractive dimension and work best where space is limited but are slightly more difficult to climb.

If you home is larger you have the option of a curving staircase.

There are a lot of building rules around staircase design – for example, whether your flight of stairs is sufficiently long that you’ll need a landing; the height of your balustrade etc. Be aware that these measurements apply after you’ve fitted any floorcoverings, such as carpet. Do check the design carefully with your builder.

Staircases are integral in your build so spend some time thinking about them.