Our focus was to create a minimal clean look for this kitchen and hallway design without making it feel cold.

Our client was set on beautiful clean vivid white.

To create the sleek and modern look the client was looking for we went with white built in joinery with no handles and added elements of timber to create warmth throughout.

Throughout the kitchen and hallway, we added open plan shelving with American Oak Timer veneer creating a soft effect for the room against the white joinery. We used a glass window splash back to bring in the natural elements of the outdoors and light into the room. Ensuring we utilised every corner we had a walk in pantry.

To make sure room flowed through the house we installed the same built in joinery down the hallway , with a built in study nook using the American Oak Timer veneer and hidden Euro laundry inside the joinery.

As you walked through the house, we designed a new staircase and hallway to freshen the look and open up the space.